TV Bucket- Backlist

Hey Folks!

Good morning, Good afternoon or Good evening as per your location on the planet.

We are, henceforth, designating Sundays to Movies and I am breaking it the very first  because what I am going to share with you is not a movie but a TV show and you just have to watch it.

It is, The Blacklist.


The Blacklist is an NBC drama starring James Spader, of Boston Legal and Ultron fame, as Raymond ‘Ray’ Reddington, A former officer of the US Navy who is a high priority criminal from FBI’s most wanted list. He, for some reason that you’ll find out about on the show, surrenders to the FBI in a thrillingly cool manner and on being captured offers to give them a list of names and ‘how to catch’ procedures if they agree to his terms. This list he calls the Blacklist. His first condition, he will only share intel with fresh Quantico graduate, Elizabeth Keen. Keen is herself fighting with problems of her past. Her character is annoying at times but is we played by Megan Boone. May be annoying is what they want her to be.

The show’s cast covers a list of good actors like Diego Klattenhoff, Parminder Nagra and Harry Lennix. The show has had some of the highest overall ratings and is queued for a 3rd season in 2015-2016, expected to be in September like its previous 2 seasons.


This is the best that can be written without pitching spoilers, which I really don’t want to do. You will love the unpredictability of this show. I watched 2 seasons in less than a week.


Good luck fighting addiction and I hope you enjoy it.