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I haven’t been around for a while now but my Insta-feed is eroded with love. For more instant updates and posts, follow pallavi.nag on Instagram.

Anyway, I recently got an email from a client we worked with a while ago. She asked me a bunch of questions and it dawned on me that while my followers know about me, they don’t really know ‘me’. I have made it a point to, hence, change that. Here are a few things people need to know about me.

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Book Review: Child/God by Ketan Bhagat

My Mother isn’t particularly fond of my reading habit and I understand why not. I get obsessive when I find a good book. I read Vir Sanghvi’s Mandate in about 24 hours and Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban in about 30 hours. So, when a person like me reads a 350 page book in less than 20 hours, it means something.

Ketan Bhagat visited LPU recently. Along he brought ‘Child/God’, a beautifully written piece of literature. I got so engrossed in the book that I slept at 4 the first night, woke up at 10 and started reading again. The unadulterated, raw emotion is what makes the book so different from many others I’ve read. In a time when the world fights over religion, this book tells us why the Bhagwad Gita is not a religious book but a guide to positive living.

‘Child/God’ is the story of the protagonist, Raghav, a happy, healthy, ambitious man, brother to a famous author, son to a mother who always believed that he would amount to nothing and husband to a woman who wants to accept but not give. Raghav’s life takes unexpected turns and he end up being a depressed, unhappy drug-addict who is just managing to hold onto his job and visiting Mumbai’s largest brothel regularly. When his wife conceives and he has to be at the hospital, fate brings him to an encounter with a yogi who gives him the Gita, which, along with his newborn son, changes his world. Now this is the best I can do without spoiling the experience of reading the book for you.

Being a pretty non-religious person, I was greatly influenced by this book. It establishes that Gita teaches you how to live. The text was very well written. I am not a fan of Chetan Bhagat’s writing style but Ketan’s is impressive. The only problem I had was my personal confusion and curiosity about whether this was actually the story of the two brothers or not. Though none of my business but that was pretty distracting. Other than that, the wit, the sincerity and the enthusiasm that this book brings to the table is endearing. It is sarcastic in a very comfortable way, sexual in a very real way and it is written in a way that keeps  you interested. I am also very fond of the ending so do read it through.

In all, a great book. Something I am now keeping with my Paolo Coelho  and J.K. Rowling.

Thank you, Mr Bhagat.

What and Why you should not be copying anything

One word.

9 Letters.


We’ve a heard or read the word but don’t seem to be paying much heed to it. Recently, I fell prey to one such creatively handicapped person’s antics and found out, thanks to one fond reader, that this guy had copied my whole Instagram bio. He had let nothing out. And as per the same, he was the owner of this blog you’re reading right now. Just to be clear, I am the sole owner of this blog. However, I did have the right to sue him for it because he was publicly claiming to be the owner of my intellectual property. This is what copyright is all about.

1. You do not HAVE to file or apply for a copyright. As soon as you make a public release of your creative product, you own the copyright for it. But then, filing for it is always a better idea.

2. In case of websites, blogs etc. you cannot steal someone’s work and throw it around as yours because that work has already been posted and the internet is like your grandmother’s old storage trunk- Everything you put there stays there unless you take it out.

3. You may get imprisoned, fined or both for such an act in India.

4. All those nice bloggers are doing you a favor by not suing you for stealing their pictures and claiming them to be yours. They can get real rich if they do. Okay, a great deal richer actually.

5. Be nice enough to take permissions from real owners of intellectual products before you use their work. Be human. It took them a lot of time and hard work to create all that beauty.

So, get a conscience and do what’s right.

And if you’re guy who claims to own this blog- Those ankle strap heels look mighty fine on you..

Retreat: Changes and what’s No More

This is to announce that I am giving up Fashion blogging. It is just not me.

I absolutely adore women who have the patience to shoot look-books and stay in control with spot on make-up and tips to share. And I can’t do that. My sense of style is more about put it on if it looks perfect. I can make you look awesome if I dress you up, but I can’t walk out and face the camera looking like a Victoria’s Secret angel (which would be a blessing if it was) because it’s just not who I am. And in my opinion, you can’t make it big doing something that doesn’t go well with your real self. I tried and it didn’t fit ME.

I have seen amazing bloggers ike Santoshi Shetty of The Styledge, Masoom Minawala of Style Fiesta, My first-namesake Pallavi Ruhail of That Delhi Girl, Kavya D’Souza from Streak Hue Fall and the goddess, Kayture’s Kristina Bazan looking like a perfect dream. Shoots seem to come naturally to them and they genuinely seem to want to do this and for a while, I think I did too. But then, what you love doing doesn’t fade away, right?

My love for Fashion blogging, and not fashion, has faded away. I can’t plan outfits days in advance or look great all the time with or without make-up or face the camera. It is more comfortable and fun for me behind the lens, or planning business strategies, judging customers and predicting marketing stances and I am still learning some of that too because…. Well, aren’t we all, always?

However, what I can do if write. This is what I do, This is what I love. So now, Through the Lorgnette has it’s own personal profile that reads Blogger, Personal Style treasurer and Adviser (something i created for myself, like consultant detective *wink*), avid reader, midnight oil burner and the doer of whatever the hell she wants.


Because that’s more ME than anything!


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TV Bucket- Backlist

Hey Folks!

Good morning, Good afternoon or Good evening as per your location on the planet.

We are, henceforth, designating Sundays to Movies and I am breaking it the very first  because what I am going to share with you is not a movie but a TV show and you just have to watch it.

It is, The Blacklist.


The Blacklist is an NBC drama starring James Spader, of Boston Legal and Ultron fame, as Raymond ‘Ray’ Reddington, A former officer of the US Navy who is a high priority criminal from FBI’s most wanted list. He, for some reason that you’ll find out about on the show, surrenders to the FBI in a thrillingly cool manner and on being captured offers to give them a list of names and ‘how to catch’ procedures if they agree to his terms. This list he calls the Blacklist. His first condition, he will only share intel with fresh Quantico graduate, Elizabeth Keen. Keen is herself fighting with problems of her past. Her character is annoying at times but is we played by Megan Boone. May be annoying is what they want her to be.

The show’s cast covers a list of good actors like Diego Klattenhoff, Parminder Nagra and Harry Lennix. The show has had some of the highest overall ratings and is queued for a 3rd season in 2015-2016, expected to be in September like its previous 2 seasons.


This is the best that can be written without pitching spoilers, which I really don’t want to do. You will love the unpredictability of this show. I watched 2 seasons in less than a week.


Good luck fighting addiction and I hope you enjoy it.


Your Bookshelf: Part 2

Its been ages since you people last saw a post from my end. I know, I know, It is not a good thing at all. But forgive me, please. Also, I am late by a day since books are our Wednesday thing to do. But well, the weekend is closer to today and it wouldn’t hurt to have a couple of suggestions handy, would it?! So, let’s get going, shall we?



The books we’re talking of today are really diverse choices. We have historical literature. We have contemporary storytelling from some years ago. And the third one we have is a work of art, in my opinion.

The Mark of Vishnu by Kushwant Singh


Let us begin with the contemporary art sample. The Mark of Vishnu is an example of Khushwant Singh’s masterful storytelling. The book is a compilation of  short stories by the late author. It contains little stories that leave you  tainted in their colors after you’re done reading. Take the book as a sample of writing on various types on people and there will be a lot to ponder after you’re done. My advice, grab it and spend a weekend of joy in the realization of having read something as good as this.


Julius Caesar by Shakespeare


Julius Caesar is Shakespeare’s most celebrated tragedy yet.  Available in many forms, it is best to be read as a novel. The play form may turn out to be boring to some. It is also a great option for on stage depiction. The tragedy is a great read and since it is considered the most celebrated creation that the present generation has the availability of.



The Palace of Illusions By Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni


The Palace of Illusions is among the most pleasant texts that I have read. The book is a mix of creativity, authenticity and grandiose. The book is the Mahabharata, mostly the same, but from Panchali’s point of view. Draupadi is the protagonist of the book, explaining everything from her POV. It is not just as the Mahabharata and if you consider the latter to be the truth, The Palace of Illusions is not even the reality in entirety   but is just as magical and enlightening. In simpler words, worth a read.

My Shoe Dream

We all love shoes, don’t we? Here is what all you can send me for my birthday if you ever feel generous enough! These are my ULTIMATE favourites!! The flower-y Steve Madden pumps are on the top…
Just saying!!
Wishlist 1

Ollio flat shoes

Flat shoes

Chanel shoes

Timberland lace up boots
$270 –

High heels stiletto

Christian Louboutin pumps
$1,015 –

Christian Louboutin red pumps