What and Why you should not be copying anything

One word.

9 Letters.


We’ve a heard or read the word but don’t seem to be paying much heed to it. Recently, I fell prey to one such creatively handicapped person’s antics and found out, thanks to one fond reader, that this guy had copied my whole Instagram bio. He had let nothing out. And as per the same, he was the owner of this blog you’re reading right now. Just to be clear, I am the sole owner of this blog. However, I did have the right to sue him for it because he was publicly claiming to be the owner of my intellectual property. This is what copyright is all about.

1. You do not HAVE to file or apply for a copyright. As soon as you make a public release of your creative product, you own the copyright for it. But then, filing for it is always a better idea.

2. In case of websites, blogs etc. you cannot steal someone’s work and throw it around as yours because that work has already been posted and the internet is like your grandmother’s old storage trunk- Everything you put there stays there unless you take it out.

3. You may get imprisoned, fined or both for such an act in India.

4. All those nice bloggers are doing you a favor by not suing you for stealing their pictures and claiming them to be yours. They can get real rich if they do. Okay, a great deal richer actually.

5. Be nice enough to take permissions from real owners of intellectual products before you use their work. Be human. It took them a lot of time and hard work to create all that beauty.

So, get a conscience and do what’s right.

And if you’re guy who claims to own this blog- Those ankle strap heels look mighty fine on you..


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