Retreat: Changes and what’s No More

This is to announce that I am giving up Fashion blogging. It is just not me.

I absolutely adore women who have the patience to shoot look-books and stay in control with spot on make-up and tips to share. And I can’t do that. My sense of style is more about put it on if it looks perfect. I can make you look awesome if I dress you up, but I can’t walk out and face the camera looking like a Victoria’s Secret angel (which would be a blessing if it was) because it’s just not who I am. And in my opinion, you can’t make it big doing something that doesn’t go well with your real self. I tried and it didn’t fit ME.

I have seen amazing bloggers ike Santoshi Shetty of The Styledge, Masoom Minawala of Style Fiesta, My first-namesake Pallavi Ruhail of That Delhi Girl, Kavya D’Souza from Streak Hue Fall and the goddess, Kayture’s Kristina Bazan looking like a perfect dream. Shoots seem to come naturally to them and they genuinely seem to want to do this and for a while, I think I did too. But then, what you love doing doesn’t fade away, right?

My love for Fashion blogging, and not fashion, has faded away. I can’t plan outfits days in advance or look great all the time with or without make-up or face the camera. It is more comfortable and fun for me behind the lens, or planning business strategies, judging customers and predicting marketing stances and I am still learning some of that too because…. Well, aren’t we all, always?

However, what I can do if write. This is what I do, This is what I love. So now, Through the Lorgnette has it’s own personal profile that reads Blogger, Personal Style treasurer and Adviser (something i created for myself, like consultant detective *wink*), avid reader, midnight oil burner and the doer of whatever the hell she wants.


Because that’s more ME than anything!


DSC_6300 (2)_20150626151508267


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