The Beast and I

I am not a very philosophical person. However, my musings often have me thinking and on more than one occasions, have been able to thrust into a gulf of gloom due to them. I read the Beauty and the Beast recently. While watching the Disney movie a couple of days ago, I realized that it had been ages since I had read the story. So I troubled iBooks for a search operation and procured the ‘i’ copy. Well, let me just say, Best evening of my early Twenties. beauty-and-the-beast I ended up thinking about it then. Was the beast really a beast? Don’t we all reject someone or the other some time in our lives? What we see is someone so different from us that we start thinking of them unworthy of our care and affection. There could be a million things about that person that make them a Beautiful human being, but we only see what is obvious to us. We only see the outer beast. Also, what would have happened is Belle herself was a horrible person? On an obvious note, she would never have found the prince buried deep inside the beast. We see people in our own light. A monster will only see a monster. An Angel, on the other hand, will see angels in hell. I have formed a theory. Now, I am no genius so it is possible that someone else has already thought of this. Let us begin with this. We have all seen ourselves in a vast number of mirrors over the years. But have we seen ourselves the same in all of them. No. I have a list of 4-5 places with mirrors that make me look better to myself than others. So basically, none of us knows what we really look like Since our eyes also have the phenomena of light and Reflection working, there can be variations so minute that as humans, we cannot find them. In simple words every person has a different vision and hence, every person, sees the same thing differently. So, no one knows what any of us looks like. Now, It is also said that if God exists, every creature sees Him/Her as what he or she wants to see Him/Her as. In Hinduism we believe that God exists in His/Her creations as Shakti or Oorja or Energy. So well, the genuinity of all the above statements is interrelated. belle This was said because this is what happened with Belle and the Beast. She saw something in him that no one else did because her vision was compatible with the Energy, the goodness, of the Beast’s heart. No one else saw it because no one else accepted the fact that their vision of something may be wrong. This is what we need to learn as human beings. This does not mean that ‘Beasts’ do not exists. It only means that there will always be a Belle for every Beast. There are people who fell in love with serial killers they never met. That person may be a mother, a father, a friend, a sister, a wife, a brother, a random person on the street or just someone who hears or reads a story about the beast. But there will always be someone who sees the Prince in the Beast. 6a00e54fcf73858834019afff084cd970b-800wi


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