Early Summer Tangerine

Hi, Everyone! I had an exam this morning that went pretty well. A while ago I was trying to study but then chose a FRIENDS episode over Human Resources. It surprises me how 1 a.m. is when I realized that a post is due, now that I have decided to be regular.

So, recently my life took an annoying turn and my parents, for reasons unknown to me, started the chant that we all fear. ‘Get married or at least engaged’ was what they would say at least five times a day. To make things worse, many of my school and college friends are getting married this year. So well, while I succeeded in tackling the situation pretty well, I have since been finding so much stuff on weddings and the whole set of events associated with it.

Now I know Wednesdays are ‘Books’ days, but here is an outfit post because it has been ages since we last had one. It’s been a while since we shot this look and the weather was a lot sweeter in those days than it is now. It is really hot here in Punjab these days.

My style is mostly about casual clothes that one wears everyday, especially for a day at work or college

Photos by- as captioned


Photographer- Satyajeet Moharana

 I, actually, have really strong legs which I owe to sports and working out. I can’t say I don’t like them but well, what can I say.


Photographer- Satyajeet Moharana

Owing to my aversion to animal leather, I always try to find substitutes to its products. This jacket, or instance, is a PU product. I had a really hard time finding this baby.


Photographer- Sagar Patel


Photographer- Sagar Patel

  I am sure you can tell this above picture is one of my blog’s banners.

Some Details:


Photographer- Sagar Patel

And one that proves we’re normal, in a way….. I think.


Photographer- Sagar Patel


Dress- FabAlley

Jacket- NumeroUno

Shoes- Thrifted (again for sake of the leather)

Belt- People

Cuff- DressUp store in my hometown

Bag- Thread CrossBody- Bijou Terner

Location- Jalandhar, Punjab


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