Why being a ‘Friends’ fan is the best thing that will ever happen to you?

There are a plethora of TV shows that air or have aired and ended and of them, some we’ve loved and some we haven’t; some we’ve taken up to and some we’ve forgotten; some we’ve been watching on loop and some have been a one-night stand (pun intended). Of all them, for me, ‘Friends’ has been a long standing favourite. It is my go-to show for glum moments and painful days and trust me, nothing helps your good time of the month more than a show that makes you role around in delight. It does what chocolates will never be able to manage. But what are the benefits of being a fan of this amazing show that had a 10 year stint and has ever since been amazing.

1. Frustration let out.

We have all had those moments when we do not know how to let our frustration out. Well, behold, Ross to your rescue. If you wanna tell someone to ‘Go to hell’, only in cruder words, bang your fists together and that gives the sign of the ‘friendly’ finger. There you go. Those who don’t know friends will not understand and those who do, will end up laughing in lovely nostalgia with you, all hurt forgotten.



There have been moments on the show when you have not been able to control your outbursts of laughter and Ross doing the Unagi, has been just one of those moments. You wanna learn a new  thing, there you go, Thank ’em later.


3. The joy of nostalgia

As I said before, the nostalgia hits so hard when you meet people who know of this favourite show of yours and are also fans. Then when you watch if year after year, episode after episode, I can’t tell you what it does to you. Awwww, just look at them.


4.  Jennifer Aniston has turned out to be Magical.

Why I say that, you ask me? Have you seen her lately. That woman I just not growing old. I mean, look at her-


5. Pick-up lines

Pick up lines, with friends, can go two ways. You can either learn from Joey, or you can learn to not be Joey. For instance, if you can think of just about nothing to say to a girl you like, Just relax, pass a lopsided smile and say- “How you Doin’?!”

how you doing

6. Dose of Sarcasm

Not everyone has the talent to be a sarcastic comedian/comedienne. But if you’ve watched friends enough, you start taking ques from Chandler and seriously, that man is the funniest man I’ve ever seen


7. Phoebe Dance

Phoebe dance is a technique that is used for just about anything from Seduction to Cheering up people. It works……. On second thought, not so much for seduction.


8. Calming the foodie in you.

Watching Joey almost sacrifice his life for ‘The best sandwich in the world’ will convince you that the extent to which you love food, is not chronic and is, in fact, a little better than, what could have been. So, smile…. Ohh.. Lasagna!!


9. Selfless Love.

Gunther….. That is all that is needed to define this kind of love. The selflessness of Gunther’s feelings for Rachel is inexplicable.


10. Growing Up

When you realise that you are in Love with the show, the characters, not just the leads but also the smaller ones like Rachel’s sisters, Janice and the Ugly naked guy, nothing hurts much because you have lived through the hurt of having to lose them.


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