Your Bookshelf: Part 2

Its been ages since you people last saw a post from my end. I know, I know, It is not a good thing at all. But forgive me, please. Also, I am late by a day since books are our Wednesday thing to do. But well, the weekend is closer to today and it wouldn’t hurt to have a couple of suggestions handy, would it?! So, let’s get going, shall we?



The books we’re talking of today are really diverse choices. We have historical literature. We have contemporary storytelling from some years ago. And the third one we have is a work of art, in my opinion.

The Mark of Vishnu by Kushwant Singh


Let us begin with the contemporary art sample. The Mark of Vishnu is an example of Khushwant Singh’s masterful storytelling. The book is a compilation of  short stories by the late author. It contains little stories that leave you  tainted in their colors after you’re done reading. Take the book as a sample of writing on various types on people and there will be a lot to ponder after you’re done. My advice, grab it and spend a weekend of joy in the realization of having read something as good as this.


Julius Caesar by Shakespeare


Julius Caesar is Shakespeare’s most celebrated tragedy yet.  Available in many forms, it is best to be read as a novel. The play form may turn out to be boring to some. It is also a great option for on stage depiction. The tragedy is a great read and since it is considered the most celebrated creation that the present generation has the availability of.



The Palace of Illusions By Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni


The Palace of Illusions is among the most pleasant texts that I have read. The book is a mix of creativity, authenticity and grandiose. The book is the Mahabharata, mostly the same, but from Panchali’s point of view. Draupadi is the protagonist of the book, explaining everything from her POV. It is not just as the Mahabharata and if you consider the latter to be the truth, The Palace of Illusions is not even the reality in entirety   but is just as magical and enlightening. In simpler words, worth a read.


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