My IG says…..

Instagram is our very own online photogallery. I like to call it a pic-blog. No, I am not ignoring the fact that I have been away for just toooooo long. I am Sowieeeee!! *puppyface* So, well, I am gonna make my come back posts on what you have missed…. Or, instead, on what I have been keeping from you. Here is a little set of pictures that have been seen on Through The Lorgnette’s IG gallery. To keep up with the Lorgnette, kindly follow @throughthelorgnette on IG. With huge amounts of love, here is the treat for your eyes-   

So here’s what has been up with me. 


My parents just had their 25th Wedding Anniversary. *Phew* 25….. Anyway, i am planning a party for them sometime in the new year week. While searching for a beautiful gown to wear, this is one I came across in Google images… I don’t have the credits to give but anyone who does, please inform me and I’ll post it.

A fresh Scent

A fresh Scent

Not all of you know who the better part of me is but well, he sent me this gorgeous picture from a store he walked by and asked me to choose. What can I say? One does not say no to presents, does one?! Help me choose, though!!

Koovs on Elle

Koovs on Elle

 And I analyzed Elle magazine’s october issue for a project last week. Found this ad for in it and it elated me for no reason. This has always been a thing with me. I feel very happy on spotting my favourites in books and mags. Well, this went to Instagram too.

A new place

A new place

If you heard or read Emma Watson’s speech on women empowerment at the UN HQ, you willunderstand my new found obsession with her. I have fallen totally in love with her views and opinions. It did not come as a surprise but it was a great thing to feel! This part of the speech went directly to my IG feed. Powerful women are my favourite women on the planet!!

back to school

I went back to college to get a Master’s degree in Media Management. I can’t say it feels bad but it does feel weird being back here. The best part is meeting all the people and all the learning and of course, all the shopping!!!

This candid was shot by a friend right before we went in for a presentatiton. Yea, I seem to be doing a lot of them these days! I love this look and am kinda exploiting it. Well, more like was since the weather is getting cold now.

college wardrobeHere’s another one of those looks I am choosing these days. Skirts and jackets are doing me some good these days. This is probably the greatest benefit that being Himachali brings with it, you know what can be done to survive winters in the clothes you like.

the ringAnd the ring made a comeback……. I posted this picture a bunch of days ago. Instagram is doing me a favour by helping me stay around in spite of my vanishing act from wordpress. This ring really does make me feel at home.


I’d also like to say enormous amounts of ‘sorry’ and exploit the magic word but in my defense, how was I supposed to write posts without a gadget to facilitate that. So, yes, another good news is that my parents gifted me a Lenovo yoga tablet for my birthday, which, really, is what I am working on right now. I hope you people missed me and I promise to be regular now. But do follow me on Instagram by finding the handle by the name @ThroughTheLorgnette and stay in the loop. Also, I am planning a giveaway in some time. Since it is expected to be on IG as well as the blog, you will be needed to follow the Lorgnette in both the places.

I’ll take your leave for now. Have a great day, night or whatever time of day it is where you are.






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